What qualities do the best photographers have?

This is an interesting question, which a client asked the other day. The answers include technical knowledge, creativity and the ability to connect with people.

361U2933bw - smallYou will see this in action at a wedding. Good photographers have the knack of getting the right people together and making them feel at ease. They can sum up a shot within their heads and visual how the finished item will look. The best photographers, however, go one step further. They are not only seeing the present moment, but also what is about to happen.

They use this knowledge to prepare themselves to take a photograph at the exact moment when the perfect photograph is right there – in front of the lens. Incidentally, it takes about 10,000 hours of practise to be able to do this.

Wedding photography isn’t just about taking 2000 random shots with the camera set to programme mode and hoping for the best.

Article by Hugh Nicholas – photographer at www.qudosphoto.co.uk


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