Which photography course is right for you? by Hugh Nicholas

Photography is a vast and complex subject and takes many years of training in theory and practical experience, and to add to the complication digital arrived around the year 2000 challenging many technical applications of the past. In fact in some cases i had to rethink my approach to assignments.
Digital photography is an entirely different beast to shooting film which came in batches for colour accuracy and had a certain predetermined latitude between highlight and shadow detail.

Digital photography like most things has pros and cons.

On the plus side digital offers instant results which removes the cost of having your pictures developed with sometimes disappointing results. It allows you to change the sensitivity of the sensor at the click of a button, while auto white balance produces balanced results in tricky lighting situations, plus you can
take as many images as you like. So why with a multitude of programmes do the results lack a professional look?

On the downside technical knowledge has been hidden behind camera programmes to make photography look easy but like any automated system it has limitations and your still left with a problem of what to do with your images when downloaded to a computer.
This brings me back to my original point that photography is a vast and complex subject and this is where i can help.


You won’t achieve the results you’re after by keeping your camera in programme mode.

I teach photography using two different methods.
1) Through one to one or group courses from the basic foundations to complex scenarios.
2) Cost effective step by step advice and demonstrations on a chosen subject via PDF downloads.
You must know the basic in photography before advancing to higher levels.You would be surprised how often the basics
apply even when using advanced techniques.

Click on “courses”  from the menu bar (top of page) then “select a course” and choose the right photography course or PDF download for you and please contact me if
you need advice.

In the near future I will be adding video clips, free tips and sharing trade secrets.

You can view my portfolio via the wedding and portrait sections and visit
www.hughnicholas.co.uk to see samples of commercial photography.

Every image you see is from a paid commission.
If i can do it, so can you.


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