Qudos Photocourses, Keeping it simple

Qudos Photo Courses, Keeping it simple

Hugh Nicholas – Professional photographer and Tutor

Affordable, fun and free to Join.

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Hugh Nicholas is the owner and lead professional photographer at Qudos Photo Courses, offering Photography classes, On-line courses, 1-2-1 tuition and free help and advice, ideal for corporate or private individuals like you from beginners to advanced who want a greater understanding of photography or just have fun with a camera. Book today to save disappointment as Hugh’s diary is understandably busy.

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Hugh’s teaching style is a balance between technical detail and simple explanation.

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Main features are

  • Free to join…You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.
  • On-line photography courses…Learn at your pace, in your own time, discounts for members.
  • Courses on location…Join a small or large group of enthusiasts from £50 for members.
  • 1-2-1 tuition…Tailored to suit your needs and requirements, so just ask for a quote.
  • How-to’s…We show you how we do it. (Free to members)

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An on-line Photography course with personal feedback, for anyone who wants to learn photography.

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What’s included

Our on-line photography courses have been designed by Hugh Nicholas to run from start to finish, or in segments in any order to suit your requirements or learning method. Your photography will improve in less than a week with Hugh’s simple, practical explanations.

There are 22 modules, including two bonus features shooting landscapes in natural daylight and portrait photography, a self assessment including an exam enabling you to submit five images with personal feedback, and assignments so you can put in to practise what you have learned.

Future proof

All tutorials include unlimited free updates to keep up with the digital revolution.

22 Modules updated monthly

  1. Pros and cons of different types of cameras.
  2. Camera controls: what’s what?
  3. Metering: getting the exposure right.
  4. Lenses: Primes, macros and zooms.
  5. Understanding shutter speeds.
  6. Understanding apertures and depth of field.
  7. Using histograms and why they are important.
  8. Camera image sensors and how they work.
  9. Taking control, never miss a shot.
  10. Choosing the right tripod and camera bag.
  11. Using polarising, ND and skylight filters.
  12. How to use on-camera and remote-flash.
  13. Composition in colour and black & white.
  14. ‘Freestyle’ portraits and photographing people.
  15. Using available light when shooting landscapes.
  16. Working with Jpeg, Tiff and RAW files.
  17. Post-production and editing basics.
  18. Choosing the right printer.
  19. Self-assessment including exam with feedback.
  20. Exam, opportunity to submit five images with personal feedback by Hugh Nicholas.
  21. Camera and equipment maintenance.
  22. Conclusion.

Hundreds of images and diagrams with detailed explanations designed for easy access on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphone’s, so the information is at hand when you need it.

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Gift vouchers

You can buy a Gift Voucher from £10, an ideal present for family, friends and work colleagues.

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Want to know how we do it? Then we will show you how, learn from the professionals.

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